Monday, August 7, 2006

Cheque book journalism shoud be banned

Jubilant Gail and Tommy Sheridan
The fight to get that great scoop has led to a sleazy, grubby form of journalism; in fact, it's not journalism, just titillation, writing about coke-fuelled celebs smashed out of their head taking part in orgies, for example.

Why don't the tabloids realise that if they refused to pay for these "dishing the dirt" stories, the chances are they would get them for nothing anyway by self-promoting wannabees, as well as dumped lovers seeking revenge. There doesn't seem to be a shortage of them.

Aren't these wretched souls somehow led on by tabloids to spice up their tale to make it worth their while? What credibility does it create among the readers if these stories are paid for?

I'm not sure if this was the case with the ex-prostitute and two other women who claimed to sleep with the forceful Tommy Sheridan and scored a tremendous victory over the News of the World. However, what other motive could they have had for baring all and trying to ruin a high profile political figure?

The rag has been left with egg on its face and now more than 20 court witnesses face the prospect of being questioned for perjury. Doesn't it make you wonder about other not-guilty trials that are held each day where the defendant is either convicted or acquitted - which means that one side has probably lied or fabricated their account before the court after swearing an oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I have attended criminal trials and heard two totally different accounts of the same event, the jury has to choose which version they believe, they have to be sure beyond all reasonable doubt. But when a witness's evidence is dismissed by a jury, it does not result in that person facing charges of perjury. Why not, if it appears they have blatantly lied, made up alibis etc? Perhaps if more people were prosecuted for perjury, lower profile cases too, then fewer people would be tempted to lie, though these cases can be very tricky to prove. As things stand, they seem to get away with it. Unless they have ruffled the feathers of the NoW and cost them a bob or two.

I would like to see a UK version of this Australian web that reveals how much the media pays for stories. It is quite revealing ....

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