Saturday, August 5, 2006

My moan of the day

I am a snap happy journo and recently bought a fab new camera to take even better shots. It has not disappointed me.

My moan is about a new memory card I ordered yesterday so I can take dozens of pics. I ordered it from Amazon and delivery was promised within 1-2 days. I need it by next Thursday as I am off on a 2 week trip the day after.

Later in the day, I had an email from their distributor called Purely Gadgets saying delivery would not be made until 2-5 working days. Feeling concerned it would not arrive in time, I called their customer helpline to explain my circumstances, that the only reason I ordered it with them was because I was assured of an early delivery. It seems their man on the phone, Rammy, could only repeat that it would take 2-5 working days starting from Monday, not even Friday. And he could not even find my order on his computer, even though I gave him the order number. As you can imagine, I was not very impressed and he advised me to cancel by email as he could not ensure my delivery would arrive in time.

Surely this is breach of contract if I have it in writing from Amazon that delivery would be made within 1-2 days. And surely companies like Purely Gadgets work weekends too if they are taking hundreds of orders online. Or do they just operate between 9-5 on a Monday - Friday, which is not very efficient in this digital day and age.

I shall obviously report this to Amazon. My belief is that PG lure people into placing orders by promising a prompt delivery, then change the date to suit themselves. It may seem petty to some, but it has really annoyed me.

Can anyone suggest a reputable online dealer for memory cards? Or should I just pop into Jessops?

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