Friday, August 4, 2006

Good luck Iain

Iain and other Eastern region Conservative candidates with Tim Yeo

Many congratulations to Iain who kept his head and his dignity after not being placed on the A-list first time round, but has now rightfully been included. Modest in the extreme, he mentions it in passing at the end of this post.

I worked with Iain during last year's election campaign, though he needed no press advice from me, I just had to report back to Central Office about his campaign. I know nobody will work harder and be more genuine in serving his constituents as their dedicated and loyal MP.

And if you need reminding about how I made Iain, blush, then please read this.

Update: Iain does not plan to return to Norfolk, understandably prefering a constituency closer to his home in Tunbridge Wells, and has set his sights on Essex (still within spitting distance of me), as well as Kent and London.

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